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There are hundreds of hosting companies that use FraudRecord. They have submitted thousands of fraudulent or misbehaving clients, such as spammers, abusers, phishing website or stolen card owners. You can read the success of FraudRecord through their words.

Success Stories

"I ran our list of customers terminated for terms of service violations through the FraudRecord database and found that we could have screened ~20-30% of them in advance if we had simply checked for them in FraudRecord first.

If you're a web host and you're not using FraudRecord, I strongly recommend that you start today. This tool will only get better as more hosts participate. If you have WHMCS, the FraudRecord plugin makes lookups and fraud checks a piece of cake." Brian Harrison @ Reprise Hosting [ Visit Testimonial Source »]

"I have been using FraudRecord since they have come out, and wanted to let others know how useful the tool is becoming. We are finding more and more clients who are using stolen cards, paypal accounts, etc in the database, that even MaxMind has cleared sometimes. I hope others will join the effort, and you can even report all those clients you have in your system that already scammed you, got nailed for phishing, or a spammer. Reporting helps everyone else avoid the same problems." Corey @ Front Range Hosting [ Visit Testimonial Source »]

"We are checking all new orders against the FraudRecord databases in addition to other automatic and manual checks. Have saved us from some well known spammers and such who managed to get past MaxMind." Rumen Svobodnikov @ FitVPS [ Visit Testimonial Source »]

"FraudRecord FTW!

One of my clients had a MaxMind score of 0.10 and he had been reported six times on FraudRecord for using stolen credit cards! FraudRecord is a amazing free plugin." Thomas @ ClamHost [ Visit Testimonial Source »]

"FraudRecord is a life savior. Lots of people [on WHT] use it as well." Artie @ RedSpeedServers [ Visit Testimonial Source »]

"FraudRecord is a great tool that can save lots of problems to hosters!" Maxence @ UBservers [ Visit Testimonial Source »]

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