Frequently Asked Questions
You can find answers to most common questions here.

Is this service free? Or should I pay?

FraudRecord is a free service. Our database of fraud clients is composed of reports by our members, so you are already giving back to the community. We also run advertising programs to offset our costs.

You may also join our sponsoring program to support us. You may display your company name in our supporting companies list by becoming a sponsor.

Is the reported client information secure?

FraudRecord uses a one-way encryption algorithm (salted and looped SHA-1) to receive and test client information. Our database never receives actual client information, it only accepts the encrypted version. There is no way to reverse-engineer the algorithm and access the actual client information.

An email address like "" becomes "34efd0a968b48cbf9a43ac3e73053e4f343234e4" before even reaching our servers. The only way to query this information by other companies is to have the same client registered with them, so they can use "" to create "34efd0a968b48cbf9a43ac3e73053e4f343234e4" and access our database.

Our database only stores the encrypted information, which cannot be used to determine the actual email address in any case, even by us. We also protect our access routes via SSL certificates. If you like to read more technical details, you can visit our security details page.

How do I subscribe to this service?

You need to sign up with us first. Then you will be able to create a reporter profile, which you can use to report and query clients. You also should use a billing integration module so you can easily report or query clients within your billing panel.