Removal Process
If you are a client who have been reported to FraudRecord by your hosting provider, you may be able to remove yourself from our database.
We are in the process of developing a new system of record removal, in which you will be able to get alerts for new reports about yourself, and reply to existing records to have them removed easily.

We recommend you that you register on our forums to get an email notification when this new feature is released.

Until then, please follow these steps to dispute a report.

Step 1. Contact your Provider

All hosting companies can remove reports that they have submitted. If you can sort out the issue with your hosting provider, they can easily delete their report.

Step 2. Contact FraudRecord

If Step 1 doesn't help, you may contact us with the details of the issue. We will contact your hosting provider and try to solve the issue.

Please note that there is no guarantee of removal. Specific details of your issue will be considered before a decision is made.