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Let other companies know about us. We rely on your reports and your help. If more companies use FraudRecord, our fraud detection will be much more comprehensive.

Spread the word on Twitter

If you have a twitter account that is followed by other hosting companies or people in the hosting industry, please consider tweeting about us. Our twitter account is @FraudRecord, which you can follow and tweet about. We even have a few sample tweets you can use.

Spread the word on internet boards

A simple mention of our services in your signature will help us build a more comprehensive database, and help you hunt down bad clients.
You may use any text that will link to http://www.fraudrecord.com/
Here are a few samples:

Report unwanted (abusive, fraud, spammer) clients to [URL="http://www.fraudrecord.com/"]FraudRecord[/URL], and query your own clients against the same database.

[URL="http://www.fraudrecord.com/"]FraudRecord[/URL], a collaborative effort to keep track of bad clients. Protects you from known spammers and fraud.

We use [URL="http://www.fraudrecord.com/"]FraudRecord[/URL] to report misbehaving clients. Sign up yourself so you can avoid those clients as well.

Other means

Keep in mind that if more companies use this free service, more companies will report unwanted clients, and you will benefit more from FraudRecord. So, any help you provide will ultimately benefit you more than anyone else!