Sample Reports
These are examples of reports that you will get about a misbehaving client.

Sample Reports

These reports are samples that any FraudRecord member company can come across. Companies review the reports themselves when they receive a new client. Decision to deny or allow service is purely on the company, there is no automated blocking. All reports must be manually reviewed by the company and decisions should be made using a combination of common sense and other means of fraud-prevention. These reports are powerful guidelines in the decision making process.

Sample 1

This client was reported for spamming right after ordering a VPS. Multiple companies have encountered this client before adopting FraudRecord. All FraudRecord member companies are now protected from this client.

Sample 2

This client orders using the same email address and IP, and was reported multiple times for spamming and/or chargeback. All future orders on FraudRecord member companies from this client will be screened and probably denied.

Sample 3

This is an example of an empty report. The query for "name", "email", "ip" has returned empty, which means FraudRecord doesn't have any previous data about this client. Fraud checking prevention should be conducted using other means. If this client turns out to be a fraudulent customer, they can be reported to FraudRecord and any future queries will return that report instead of an empty one.

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You can read about the success stories of our contributing member companies. You may also see the statistics of our database, and see how well you are protected.

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