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Author Topic: Giving fraud points based on other FR reports = bad practice  (Read 19791 times)

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Just wanted to bring something up and open a discussion about something that I found to be gaining traction and sort of cascading out of control. I see way too often companies giving points to customers "due to the FR reports."

You should not be leaving points for customers that you do not have a fraudulant experience with directly. Giving someone points because of other FR reviews is just adding noise and contributes nothing. For example a known fraudulent customer was given 8 points - "Ordered rejected and refunded due to the FR reports."  In this case, simply cancel and refund the order and let that be the end of it. If you feel like it warrants another fraud report at least be more descriptive as to why YOU believe this customer is suspected to be fraudulent and WHY.. for example: "Customer attempted to use multiple different credit cards unsuccessfully. Contacted our support to try to bypass fraud check. Cancelled and refunded order. " Describe your actual experience with the customer so that others know what to look out for.

Again I want to see others opinion on this matter. Feel free to share your thoughts.

See attached for example of what I am talking about. PI and companies have been redacted.


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