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Author Topic: A little module fix, welcome 1000 reports, and HostBill Integration?  (Read 44520 times)

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Hello fellow FraudRecord members!

This announcement contains a description for a small module fix, latest statistics, and future HostBill integration.

A few minutes ago we have released a module patch that solves a problem with a recent PHP update. In the FraudRecord for WHMCS module page during client listing, "fraud points" and "your report" were displaying blank. If you run a fraud check on a client and the listing page doesn't display "0 points" but instead stays blank, you are affected. "Check Fraud Points" page for individual clients was not affected by this bug.

You will need to update your module with the new version (0.6.1)

Please run a fraud check on the recent clients after the update and see if this mishap caused you to miss a nasty client. We hope this hasn't been the case.

On an unrelated note, our latest stats suggest we recently passed 1000 reports barrier, in fact it is at 1075 right now, with 212 member companies. Not all of the registered companies submitted reports though, so if you are one of those companies who haven't yet had a chance to submit a fraudulent or troublesome client, we welcome your participation!

Some of our members have been waiting for a HostBill integration module. Unfortunately we do not possess the skills to develop a module for HostBill, but we are looking for a good developer who can build the module for us.

If you are a HostBill user and you know of a person who can develop a module, please contact us and let us know. Although we are ready to spare the cash for a paid developer, we are not profiting from FraudRecord so we will welcome any volunteers as well, and we will forever honor their name in our website if we have the chance to work with one. We will release a HostBill module once one has been developed and tested. All input are welcome!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to update your module for WHMCS!


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