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Author Topic: Hello Everyone I am developing a whmcs/blesta updated module  (Read 4580 times)

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Hello Everyone I am developing a whmcs/blesta updated module
« on: October 25, 2015, 08:23:19 PM »
Hello Everyone I am developing a whmcs/blesta updated module
I have posted before in one thread but I thought I would post my own topic to let everyone know that I have been developing a whmcs/blesta fraud prevention module that ties into whmcs/blesta's fraud system so it will automatically screen new orders and block them if fraudrecord has them listed(like mark them as fraud and stop the order)
I know everyone has been wanting this functionality and so have I so I decided to basically make my own so everyone else can benefit off of it as well.
I would like to thank Michael Dance(aka licensecart) for encouraging me and giving me confidence to dive back into php development and make modules like this so everyone could benefit.
I am currently waiting on payday to get ioncube before I release it.
And it will cost $20/month for the module to tie directly into whmcs/blesta's fraud system and act like the native fraud modules inside them(like maxmind in both blesta/whmcs)
this module also supports stopping proxy/vpn people from even passing the shopping cart page to prevent people from even trying to get the service and trying to mask themselves.
I have the whmcs module almost ready(just waiting for payday for ioncube like I said)
the blesta module is still in development and will come out later after the whmcs module(only reason is because there was more docs on whmcs internals then there was on blesta at the time of putting everything together.)
anyway I don't know if this is allowed or not I just thought I would say something about this so people will know that I have got something in the works that will surely help us all.


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