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Author Topic: Contacting Lawyers or Press About a Client Making a Fraudulent Chargeback  (Read 4285 times)

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Anyone have any suggestions about this. After I turned down an offer to take the balance due on a writing project in trade, after a card I tried to charge was declined, the client not only didn't pay this by fraudulently claimed I committed fraud on a previous chargeback.  Though I submitted evidence and my bank reversed the chargeback, he lied to his bank again, and apparently they didn't look at my evidence that he authorized and participated in the transaction, they reversed the reversal and my bank closed the matter.  (Apparently if anyone claims fraud for email or phone transactions, there is little one can do so fraudsters can get away with using this tactic to get a lot of free merchandise and services. 
    I'm interested in contacting a lawyer who might handle a fraud and defamation case or press who might be interested in this story.  Also, as a Huffington Post columnist, I'm hearing from others who may have been defrauded in this way by clients.
         Gini Graham Scott


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